A Prayer for the People of the Holy Land

God of Compassion and Justice,
We cry out to you for all who suffer in the Holy Land today.
For your precious children, Israelis and Palestinians,
Traumatised in fear for their lives;
Lord, have mercy.

For the families of the bereaved,
For those who have seen images they will never forget,
For those anxiously waiting for news, despairing with each passing day;
Lord, have mercy.

For young men and women,
heading into combat,
bearing the burden of what others have done and what they will be asked to do;
Lord, have mercy.

For civilians in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, that they would be protected and that every life would count and be cherished and remembered;
Lord, have mercy.

For the wounded, and those facing a lifetime of scars, for those desperately seeking medical treatment where there is none;
Lord, have mercy.

For medical and emergency personnel, risking their own lives to save those of others;
Lord, have mercy.

For those who cannot see anything but rage and violence, that you would surprise them with mercy, and turn their hearts towards kindness for their fellow human beings;
Lord, have mercy.

For people of peace, whose imagination is large enough to conceive of a different way, that they may speak, and act, and be heard;
Lord, have mercy.

Mighty and caring God, you promised that one day, swords will be beaten into ploughshares, meet us in our distress, and bring peace upon this troubled land.


From the Archbishop of Canterbury