It’s often hard to know what we can do when we sit comfortably in Canada and watch violence and conflict and death around the world.  It can be so easy to give up, or turn away.  One easy thing you may want to do is support (financially or otherwise) local to the region organizations that are holding on to hope for us all.

Below are some small ideas for actions you can take.  Sometimes it’s important to do something positive without worrying about how much impact it will have. 

Many people inspire me at different times, but recently I have been listening over and over to a song called ‘One Voice in the Crowd’ by an Australian folk singer (and former judge!) named Judy Small.  It’s an old song, but no less powerful for that.

  • Oct 21st; 1:45 pm gather at the Davis Bay Pier
  • Oct 21st; 2:45 pm Living Faith Lutheran (4607 Whitaker Road)
  • Letters, Emails or Postcards to Politicians (see possible content in the links below; mail to Parliament is free of postage)
  • Learn about the history of Palestine and Israel from reasonably impartial sources
  • Listen to the stories of those you know who have connections to the area (you may be surprised at who they are) and support them in this challenging time
  • To listen to or read content that is filled with hate, dehumanizes anyone, or adds to the darkness in the world
  • Resist despair. If you need a break from the news, take one. If you need to pray, or breath, light a candle, or go for a walk, do so.
  • Support organizations that are working for Peace and Human Rights, especially right now those that bring Palestinians and Israelis together.
  • Try making peace in your own life. See you hard it can be, even in small ways.
    Be Brave
  • Stories of hope, righteous anger, peace, and even stories from the conflict that may shed light on what is going on and increase compassion in the world.

Details for Taking Action

Contact our politicians
Includes contact information and possible content you may want to use – or write your own!