Upcoming Events

Prior Events:  Light in the Darkness:  A Ceremony of Mourning and Remembrance

This event took place on Saturday, Jan 20th.  See pictures and learn more

Peace.  Shalom.  Salam.  Shlama.


These events do not yet have dates but are being discussed; feel free to let us know which you find most valuable and interesting:

  • Workshop and discussion about the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction)  movement, and how you can apply it locally here on the Coast
  • Workshop and discussion of democracy and how we as citizens can impact government discussion
  • Art show with local art related to what is happening in Israel and Palestine
  • Heart to Heart – small group discussions where we can safely share feelings and thoughts and discuss our questions
  • Zoom facilitated art and culture presentation with artists from Palestine and Israel


  • June 1st- screening of Israelism documentary followed by a discussion facilitated by Avi Lewis
  • June 15th – party and fundraiser for Tending the Birthline (focus on raising money for maternity kits and care to send to Palestine, the Congo and Sudan).
  • Each Sunday from noon-1:30 there is a ‘stop genocide vigil’ at the Davis Bay pier.  All are welcome
  • June 29th – details TBD – art and music presentation by Roula Said, Palestinian artist from Toronto