Coming together in hope

It’s not an easy time to hope if we watch the news about Israel and Palestine.  Or Russia and Ukraine.  Or Sudan.  Or so many other parts of the world.

So, I wonder, what will we do?  Especially, what will we do here on the beautiful and tranquil Sunshine Coast?  

  • A small group of us have joined forces to organize events and actions promoting Peace, Solidarity and Truth.  
  • Join us on Feb 5th at 7:15 pm at the Davis Bay Community Hall for ‘Light From Gaza‘; a chance to hear personal stories from Gaza, both from a Palestinian couple from Gaza, and from Sunshine Coast residents who have travelled to Gaza.
  • Our most recent event was Jan 20th:  A Ceremony of Mourning and Remembrance for the lives lost.  
  • You are invited to check out our upcoming events and mark your calendar with ones that call to you.  (that page will be frequently updated, so check back often!).
  • Read my take on Canadian Complicity in the war.  It may be hard reading, but there is hope in truth.
  • Contact me if you’re interested in helping with organizing events
  • Watch inspiring webinars and learn what it is like to live in Israel and Palestine right now, from many different perspectives.
  • Donate to organizations working for peace, solidarity and justice in Israel and Palestine

I believe that the only hope for the conflict is when we come together across barriers and boundaries.  When one person meets one other person and recognizes their common humanity. 

Sometimes we need to grieve together, sometimes we need to be angry, and sometimes we laugh or sing or pray.  Or donate.  Or organize.

Where can you encounter the other today?


Why hope?  And how?

It may not seem like there’s a lot of room for hope right now when we look at what’s happening in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.  My feelings include sadness, discouragement, anger and frustration.  BUT I find those lead mainly to paralysis.  Mai, from Combatants for Peace, said that the responsibility of the international community is to hold both peoples, hold the land with the faith that both can live there.  Not just with a ceasefire but holding hold of true peace and justice, and taking action; calling for peace, writing emails, organizing and participating in non-violent protests.  To speak in their names and say ‘we see the cry from both peoples; we see the pain in both; we see the humanity in both’.  So we need to hold on to hope for those in the midst of it all.  

Not a simple task, but South Africa found new life after apartheid; Ireland found peace and a way forward; other countries that seemed locked in unsolvable violence have found ways forward.  So let’s hold the same hope for Israel and Palestine.  Hope that, as Mai said, they can come together in true freedom; sleep knowing that they will wake up the next morning, that their kids will be able to dream, and their families to gather on the weekend.  Please God.

Action on the Coast

Many of you joined us for a dinner and fundraiser (“Nourishing our Common Humanity“) on Dec 11th.  Others donated even though they could not attend.

Many joined various marches (usually along Davis Bay).

Many pray.

Some join online gatherings with folks in Israel and Palestine who are working for solidarity and peace.

Some write to politicians, or learn about the conflicts.


A huge thank you to all those who showed up on Saturday, October 21st for the Seeds of Hope March for Peace and Human Rights.  And to those who couldn’t come but held us in their hearts or took action at the same time in their locations.   We need to hold on to hope and to our common humanity. What’s next?  “Nourishing our Common Humanity” – a dinner fund raiser for peace and solidarity groups in Israel and Palestine.  Please let me know through the contact page if you would like to receive updates – or have ideas for future activities.  There is a deep hunger for peace and for holding on to one another.