Nourishing our Common Humanity

Many are feeling helpless right now, but there are concrete ways we can support those building connections rather than deepening divisions.

Peace is an action.   We had an amazing dinner on December 11th from 4-7 pm.

The dinner was a fund raiser supporting peace groups building solidarity between Palestinians and Jewish people in Israel and Palestine, and a chance for people on the Sunshine Coast to come together and share and learn.

There was a meal (Palestinian food) and a celebration of Palestinian and Jewish culture (songs and poetry).  We enjoyed food for thought as well as for the body.  And benefited from a presentation on the history and culture of Palestinian food from Izzeldin from Sacred Cuisine (in East Jerusalem).

A huge thank you to all those who attended, donated, or supported us from afar.  We raised a total of $4,550, which is going to B’tselem, Sabeel and Combatants for Peace to support their efforts.

People who couldn’t attend but wanted to support the efforts for peace and solidarity sent generous donations via e-transfer or cheque.  All funds are being distributed between B’tselem, Combatants for Peace, and Sabeel.  In Gratitude.

Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that
Martin Luther King, Jr

Peace.  Shalom.  Salam.  Shlama.

Solidarity Groups / Fundraising Recipients

B’TSELEM – the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

Abandoning the basic moral principle that all human beings were created equal (“B’tselem elohim”) is a loss of humanity.

A recent video interview suggested by B’tselem (on CNN) 


Combatants for Peace (CfP) is a grassroots movement of Palestinians and Israelis, working together to end the occupation and bring sustainable peace, equality, and freedom to our homeland

Solidarity: A Path to Liberation (a long video; both difficult and inspiring)


Sabeel is an ecumenical grassroots liberation theology movement among Palestinian Christians.  Their vision is to be inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus to stand for the oppressed, work for justice, and engage in peace-building.

Sabeel holds a weekly Thursday ‘Wave of Prayer’ online.  Access the text of the prayers here.