Light from Gaza

Join us Monday, February 5th at 7:15 pm at the Davis Bay Community Hall (5123 Davis Bay Road) to hear personal stories from Gaza.

This is a unique opportunity to hear directly and in person about life in Gaza.

Nabil and Ilham, Palestinians from Gaza, will speak and answer questions; we’ll share poetry from Gaza, and hear stories from Sunshine Coast residents who have have travelled to Gaza with Peace delegations.

The evening will be a combination of speakers, a chance to ask questions, poetry from Gaza, and small group discussions.

Nabil is a former journalist, and a writer.  He and Ilham lived in Gaza for many years.  Before Hamas took control of Gaza, he organized solidarity meeting that brought together Jewish people and Palestinians, and he frequently organized trips for international journalists.  He has experienced kidnapping and arrest, and being followed everywhere he went.  He will speak to his experiences over the years, as well as the situation now for those friends and family members who remain in Gaza; the struggle for food and water, and how they try to continue, and how complicated the situation is.

All are welcome.  Donations to cover event expenses will be gratefully accepted.

Please use our contact form for any questions.