Israeli Politician calls for an end to Gaza Bombings

Ofer Cassif lost friends in the Hamas attack. My heart goes out to him. And I find hope in his courage to speak up even so.

“The war should be ended because people — the vast majority of people who will pay the price, Israelis and Palestinians — are innocent civilians that only want to live. Including babies and small kids, small children. Israelis and Palestinians, they should live in security and peace. War doesn’t deliver that.
It will only deliver more revenge, more violence. That circle should be ended.”

Read the interview on CBC.

“I will not shut up in the face of what my country is doing. Not because I’m against my country. Exactly the opposite. Because this is for the best of my country,
I want my compatriots, I want my country to live in peace and security. And that cannot be at the same time that it conducts such a vicious assault and occupation. 
So I am isolated by the Knesset and by the vast majority of Israelis. But I will never shut up because I want my society to prosper. I want all the region to prosper. 
That cannot happen with occupation and violence, neither from the Israeli side nor from the Palestinian side.”