Nourishing our Common Humanity – Questions

The menu is vegetarian, and mostly gluten free, and mostly dairy free.  But tasty!  If you have other food limitations, feel free to contact us with your needs, and we will let you know if the menu will suit your needs.

Our friends on the ground say that by taking sides, one is already contributing to the war.  We want to create a space where we can talk about our common humanity. That means talking about Palestinians, and Jewish people in Israel.  With love and compassion for our common humanity, and trying to focus on what unites us.  There are enough people creating divisions right now.  Let’s buck the trend together.

Absolutely not.  We honour and recognize a diversity of religious beliefs, and may have songs and poetry from various traditions, but the goal is always to find common ground in the places where the human spirit is one.

No.  Tickets sales and donations will be collected and split between the three organizations we want to encourage and support (B’tselem, Combatants for Peace, and Sabeel).  Because all three are located in Israel or Palestine, there will not be Canadian tax receipts for your gifts.

Everyone who comes with good intentions and a determination to listen from their heart is welcome.  This is not a place for hate, but many are feeling pain and anger these days.  Whether you are directly touched by the conflict, whichever people or peoples you identify with, whatever you know or don’t know about the situation, you are welcome to join us as long as you can commit to contributing to light rather than more darkness.

December 11th from 4-7 pm at St. John’s United Church in the lower hall (5085 Davis Bay Road)

Absolutely – please contact us (mentioning the fundraiser) and tell us how you would like to help!  If you don’t know how you can help, but have some time and energy, we can probably suggest something.  This is definitely a team effort.

Awesome.  You could consider donating (either directly to the organizations or through our fundraiser), or maybe you would like to buy a ticket or two for someone who would like to take part but may not have the funds.  If so, please use the ‘Reserve your ticket’ link and put in the comment that you are not able to attend but would like to enable someone else to do so.  And thank you!