Organizations Working for Peace and Solidarity

Is it possible to hold hope in the midst of war?

Absolutely. there are many organizations holding on to hope now, when hope is in short supply and holding peace out as a possibility is an act of courage.  You can support those organizations, from financial donations, to words of encouragement, to taking part in their events so you can learn more from people on the ground.

The list here is not exhaustive, but includes organizations that I have come across and that inspire me.  If you know of others, please feel free to send them to me via the Contact page, and I will be happy to include them.

Peace.  Shalom.  Salam.  Shlama.


CFP’s mission is to build the social infrastructure necessary for ending the conflict and the occupation: communities of Palestinians and Israelis working together through non-violent means to promote peace.

CFP’s website


Sabeel is a group of Palestinian Christians whose mission is “To strive towards theological liberation through instilling the Christian faith in the daily lives of those who suffer under occupation, violence, injustice, and discrimination.”

Sabeel’s website


Standing Together is “building a shared home for all those who refuse hatred and choose empathy. We won’t erase our differences, but rather believe in a true partnership based on shared interests. []

We envision a society that serves all of us. A just and equal society that treats every person with dignity. A society that chooses peace, justice, and independence for Israelis and Palestinians – Jews and Arabs. A society in which we all enjoy real security, adequate housing, quality education, good healthcare, a liveable climate, a decent salary, and the ability to age with dignity. “

Standing Together’s website 


Roots is a “network of local Palestinians and Israelis who have come to see each other as the partners we both need to make changes to end our conflict. Based on a mutual recognition of each People’s connection to the Land, we are developing understanding and solidarity despite our ideological differences. [] Our work is aimed at challenging the assumptions our communities hold about each other, building trust and creating a new discourse around the conflict in our respective societies.”

Root’s website


A coalition of over 170 organizations building people-to-people cooperation, coexistence, equality, shared society, mutual understanding, and peace among their communities.

Allmep’s website