This is by no means an exhaustive list, but shares webinars that I have had the privilege of attending, recorded since late October by people on the ground in Israel and Palestine.  They share stories of their challenges, struggles, and hope.  These people inspire me.  Please feel welcome to send me suggestions for webinars to add via the contact page.

Combatants for Peace

There are videos created by Combatants for Peace (odd name to some, but this is a group founded by former military from both sides; IDF and Palestinian, who chose to give up violence in favour of the path of non-violence and solidarity).  Combatants for Peace itself has a Youtube Channel, but their affiliated organization American Friends of Combatants for Peace is the creator of the amazing webinars I want to recommend to you.  You can see their Youtube channel here.  I particularly recommend two videos:  Holding on to Hope and Humanity, which was recorded shortly after the Oct 7th attack, and Courage in the Unknown, created more recently and exploring how we can hold on to courage and hope as the situation deteriorates.  This second one features a Jewish man and a Palestinian man who have both lost family members as they explore and generously share their grief, dilemmas and choices about holding on to solidarity in the midst of it all.

Green Olive Collective 'Emergency Webinars'

Green Olive Collective (YouTube channel) began sharing their series of Emergency Webinars in October and continue on.  As well as sharing direct experiences from current times, they also bring attention to some elements of the situation one might not think of; the plight of the Bedouin people in Israel and Palestine, the challenges for those supporting poor people in Israel as money is funnelled by the government away from social services and into military funding for the settlements, the situation for Palestinian Christians in the days before Christmas, the daily reality for Palestinians living in Jerusalem, and much more.