Ecumenical statement on the escalation of violence between Hamas and Israel

An excerpt:

KAIROS Canada and its member churches and agencies, condemn the current violence, against Israeli and Palestinian civilians, in Israel, Gaza, the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, and call on Canada to do everything in its power to support an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated solution.  
In response to the spiraling violence, they have issued an ecumenical statement, A Cry to End the Violence and to uphold the rights of all civilians to life and freedom from violence and discrimination In it, they write:
“We join the voices of those in the region and others in Canada and internationally in urging the Canadian Government to support a ceasefire and a negotiated resolution to this violence. The pain and tragedy of the growing numbers of civilian lives, Israeli and Palestinian, lost in the violence to date are evidence of the need for an immediate ceasefire, not an escalation of violence.”

Kairos includes the Mennonite Central Committee, the United Church of Canada, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Anglican Church in Canada, the Religious Society of Friends, and more. Read the full statement online.