Urgent Action Required to Address Human Tragedy – Gaza and Israel

From UNJPPI, the United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel, a letter sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly

Dear Minister Joly,
Re: Urgent Action Required to Address Human Tragedy – Gaza and Israel
The United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel (‘UNJPPI’) is a faith-based
network that advocates for a just, sustainable peace in Palestine and Israel – a peace based on
respect for human rights and political self-determination for all the inhabitants of the region.

Our hearts are shattered by the latest horrific news coming from Israel and occupied Palestine,
starting on October 7th and still on-going. The earliest reports were of non-combatant Israelis
being killed by Hamas operatives that crossed from Gaza into Israel and of other Israelis being
kidnapped and taken into Gaza. This has been followed by the most intense ever Israeli
bombardment of Gaza with the destruction of innumerable buildings, including the homes of
non-combatant Palestinians and civilian infrastructure. UNJPPI condemns the atrocities being
perpetrated by both sides on innocent civilians.

The number of casualties continues to rise. As of October 13
th, OCHA reports the following
Palestinian Casualties – Gaza: 1,900 Fatalities 7,696 Injuries
Palestinian Casualties – West Bank: 49 Fatalities 950 Injuries
Israeli Casualties: 1,300 Fatalities 3,436 Injuries

From news reports we learn that Israel has also cut off the supply of food, water and electricity
to Gaza, creating the real risk of a humanitarian disaster. On Friday Israel called for 1.1 million
Palestinians in the north of Gaza to relocate to the south within 24 hours. The U.N states that
this is impossible “without devastating humanitarian consequences”. It is also ethnic cleansing,
a violation of international law. It needs to end immediately.

To help stop this disaster from spiraling even further out of control, UNJPPI calls on the
Canadian government to use all the influence it can bring to bear on Israel and Hamas, either
directly or through other world leaders, to achieve the following:
1. An Immediate ceasefire,
2. An immediate end to the threatened ethnic cleansing or forced relocation of people
from any part of Gaza,
3. Quick and safe passage of humanitarian aid into Gaza, and its delivery to the affected
Gazan population,
4. Expedited restoration of water and electricity services to Gaza, with a priority for
medical facilities, and
5. U.N. and international law protections for all Palestinians in Gaza.

We look forward to learning of Canada’s leadership in helping to end this humanitarian
George Bartlett